The Western Wall Heritage Fund

Construction at the Western Wall

The structure that was at the edge of the Western Wall Plaza was torn down this week and a new building is going to be built in its place. The new building will cater to the needs of the many visitors to the Kotel.

The structure that was torn down housed the Kotel offices and the local police station. During the planning and preparation phase for the new building, several subterranean chambers from different historical periods were discovered. The structure was subsequently declared dangerous because of these archeological findings. The Kotel offices and the police station were temporarily moved until they can be in their permanent headquarters in the new building.

With the completion of the archeological excavations at the site being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority, and as soon as necessary permits are issued, construction on the new building, designed by world-renowned architect Ada Carmi and under the auspices of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, will begin.
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