The Western Wall gives comfort, solace and a deep sense of our rich Jewish heritage to not only those fortunate enough to stand before its awesome stones, but also for many unable to make the journey to Jerusalem. 

We recently received a beautiful letter of heartfelt thanks from Sarah*, the mother of a boy who was to have his Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall.  Two weeks before they were to leave, Sarah knew she could not make the trip to Israel.  Although she insisted her family go without her, she was devastated by the thought of missing this most important moment in the life of her only child.

Her sister told her about the Western Wall Heritage Foundation's website,, and Sarah contacted us. 

The day of the Bar Mitzvah, her family was in Israel at the Kotel.  Sarah was at home in the United States, in her living room with her friends, yet they were able to participate in this momentous occasion as they watched her son read from the Torah for the first time.

Her note said, "Suddenly a miracle occurred – the camera began to move and …there they were…and we were all literally screaming from joy and excitement.  It was one of the most magical moments of my life – and, I believe of everyone in that room that night.  That you would do that so that we could witness this amazing moment in my son's life – half a world away – was truly a kind and generous act.  …When my son raised the Torah we all burst out in song.  We have been talking about nothing else since."

The wonder of that shared special moment, the closeness they all felt even though they were thousands of miles apart, is just one example of the way in which the Western Wall Heritage Foundation constantly implements innovative technology to connect people with their Jewish roots and enhance Jewish identity.  For those who cannot travel to Jerusalem, whether the reason is physical or financial, we provide the next best experience.  The Western Wall Heritage Foundation enables thousands of people, Jewish and non-Jewish to view the Kotel in real time in every corner of the world.

But technology and equipment are expensive.  We need more cameras.  We need microphones so that the voices of prayer can be heard.  We need additional technical support.  We need your help—your financial support.

Your contribution to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will be put to use immediately to update equipment and enhance our technology, ensuring the deep spirituality embodied in the Kotel, remains alive in the hearts and minds of those across the globe who are unable to physically come to Jerusalem.  Your gift will assist in providing the best online real time live coverage of the Kotel. 

Please donate generously to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation today,
and help focus the eyes and ears of the world on the Western Wall.

On the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation wishes you a Shana Tova.  May this be a year of blessings, peace, and stronger links to our heritage.

In 1988, the government of Israel established the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The Foundation's objectives are to convey to all segments of the Jewish people the spirit and the heritage of the Western Wall and Jerusalem, to preserve and develop the Western Wall and Tunnels complex, and to develop educational frameworks that link Jews everywhere to our eternal chain of generations.

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