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Chanuka Program


Hanukkah program

Hanukkah Videoconference with the Western Wall
Preparatory Activity

Dear Educator,
Below is the activity that will help your students prepare for the videoconference program that will be taking place with the Western Wall during Hanukkah.
The success of the broadcast is dependent on the students' preparation!
Download and print: Rationale for teacher
Handouts for students
Activity Group1
Activity Group2
Activity Group3
Activity Group4

Furthermore, if you would like the Western Wall Heritage Foundation staff to place notes with your students' prayers/requests among the Western Wall stones, please send them to us no later than the day before the broadcast.
Please tell your students and their families that stills photographs taken during the broadcast will be uploaded to the Western Wall website for viewing at

We're looking forward to working with you
to create an unforgettable experience for your students!
Distance Learning Department Staff
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation


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