The Western Wall Heritage Fund

Educational programs

The variety and scope of programs offered to various audiences in Israel and around the world are endless. 
Programs relating to the Jewish calendar, such as:

 Birkat Kohanim (Priestly benediction at the Western Wall) takes place during the three festivals (Passover, Shavuot Feast of Weeks, and Succot Tabernacles) at the foot of the Western Wall.  This is just feet away from the site where Kohanim worked in the Temple.  Participating in this moving event from afar renews our link to this ancient practice and to this holy site.
 Lighting Chanuka Candles at the Wall together with people at the Western Wall exactly where the Chanukah miracle took place over 2,000 years ago makes the phrase "In those days, in these times" come alive.
 Tu-Bishvat Seder is led by children in different countries and in Jerusalem together at the same time. This unifying experience, in which children "meet" their peers from around the world, connects them to their roots in Jerusalem.
 Jerusalem Day celebrations commemorating its liberation in 1967 includes "dancing with" thousands during the uplifting Flag Dance at the Western Wall Plaza.
 Tisha B'Av, the day on which we mourn the Temple's destruction, gains additional depth when mourning with the thousands standing at its remnant.

Other programs appropriate all-year round include:
 A live tour of the Western Wall Tunnels, walking along 2,000 years of history to the site Opposite the Holy of Holies, creates an exciting learning experience.
 Courses on topics relating to Jerusalem can be integrated into the curriculum.
 Encounters between classes or groups of children from different places in the world can revolve around topics relating to the school curriculum and to the Western Wall.

More innovative programs are continuously being developed; one can be developed to suit your specific needs!

Each videoconference unit comes with preparatory lessons to be used in class beforehand, including an activity in which the students write notes to be placed among the stones of the Western Wall as well as one in which they use the Kotel website.  A specific link to the Kotel website will be sent to the school in advance, including everything necessary for these enrichment activities to maximize the total videoconference experience.

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