The Western Wall Heritage Fund

New! Stam (Scribe) Writing!

We invite you to an exciting and empowering bar mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall.
Come take part in a unique encounter with a sofer stam (scribe) during which the bar mitzvah boy will experience writing like a scribe and putting on teffilin at a moving event preparing him for his Aliya to the Torah at the Western Wall.
On the day of his bar mitzvah, the child joins the Jewish nation’s long chain of generations, and with it – our age-old traditions and customs.  The scribe’s manner of writing is an ancient tradition passed from generation to generation and from father to son.  Am Yisrael has been diligently preserving these traditions for thousands of years.
Getting to know these traditions and laws is a way of getting to know our roots, the ones that have been nurturing us throughout time and thanks to which you can celebrate the bar mitzvah at the Western Wall.

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