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Videoconferencing- Educational Programs with the Western Wall

What is videoconferencing?
Videoconferencing allows live, interactive, visual and auditory communications among several locations simultaneously.  There is no end to the possibilities inherent in this technology.
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Why do videoconferencing with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation?
We are the ONLY ones who can broadcast from the Western Wall.
As with all the programs run by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, videoconferencing is tailor made for each specific audience. Specialized materials are prepared and the broadcast is planned to meet the needs, backgrounds, and desires of any audience from American children in a summer camp to teachers in the Ukraine or Jewish students in Argentina.

We fervently believe that Jews everywhere are part and parcel of our chain of generations, and we see videoconferencing as a dynamic and vital tool to strengthen the links in the chain.

How is this videoconferencing different?
Videoconferencing is also a uniting force.  Besides uniting world Jewry with Jerusalem, it also unites us with each other.  We have had simultaneous broadcasts with communities around the world, including: Australia, Singapore, Moscow, France, Kiev, England, Canada, Argentina and the U.S. Imagine how empowering such an event is in bringing to life the sentiment of “Am Yisrael Chai”, the Jewish nation lives.

There are educational units that can be studied in advance of the broadcast to magnify the impact of the experience.  A tremendous amount of preparation goes into each event, with the staff of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation working closely with each institution to ensure that every possible advantage is gained from the experience.  There is no educational tool that teaches and involves participants in such an all-encompassing manner for those who can not be physically present at the Western Wall.

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