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Part of our mission at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is to impart the legacy of Jerusalem.  We aspire to make Jews everywhere aware that they are an essential link in the chain of generations that began here, in Jerusalem. 


Unfortunately, not every Jew is able to come spend time with us in Jerusalem as often as we would like.  Luckily, however, technology has allowed us to come to you in the comfort of your own homes or classrooms.  E-learning and distance learning give us the ability to reach out to Jews around the world, and for you to reach out and “touch” Jerusalem.  By developing a variety of innovative, dynamic, and interactive educational programs, we are creating what is, in essence, a global classroom whereby you determine what it is you wish to learn more about.



Planning a trip to the Kotel?

For those who are planning a trip to the Kotel for whatever reason, we have devised preparatory programs to make your visit more meaningful.  An example of this is a program for families about to make the trip to Jerusalem in order to celebrate a child’s Bar or Bat Mitzva.   There is a variety of programs, including some that are meant for shared study by the child and his or her parents or grandparents.  Topics range from upcoming holidays to the archeology of the Old City of Jerusalem.  All the programs are interactive.  In one such program, the child “builds” the Temple on the Temple Mount in order to understand its foundations.  A special e-learning program will be available within the next few months, but many other distance-learning programs are currently available.

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Teaching or Learning about Jerusalem?

For those that are not able to make the journey to Jerusalem, distance learning is a wonderful way to touch the stones from afar. Classes of students in Jewish Day schools, afternoon Hebrew Schools, high school students doing projects on Jerusalem, curious adults, parents… all can access, benefit and enjoy programs developed especially with your needs in mind.


Another way to use our interactive programming is by taking advantage of our constant live streaming from the Kotel.  You and your students can watch moving ceremonies at the Western Wall, such as Chanuka candle lighting, while learning about the holiday, heroism, commandments associated with the holiday, traditions of your country of origin, and more.  One of the most moving ceremonies at the Western Wall Plaza is the swearing in ceremony for soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.  This live broadcast could be prefaced with programs about the history of that specific unit, the battles it participated in, famous personalities who were part of that unit, or information about other such ceremonies that take place at this important site.


Since the Western Wall Heritage Foundation understands that different learners have different needs and interests, we will prepare special programs geared specifically to your students.  We will soon have links for teachers who are guiding students through the programs, with ideas for activities, additional information, projects, and assignments.  They will work in conjunction with programs for students.  This will soon be available as e-learning programs, however we can work with you now to develop a custom-made program for your students.  In this way, we see ourselves as partners with educators from around the world in order to make Jerusalem and Jewish history and culture come alive for students everywhere.

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Coming for a Bar or Bat Mitzva?

A child who chooses to mark a Bar or Bat mitzva by leading a tour for family and friends through the Western Wall Tunnels, can prepare for this by arranging set times during which he can “meet” a guide who will “take” him to different stops along the tunnels.  While going through this virtual tour, the child will be able to ask questions, verify information, look at accompanying maps, illustrations, audio and video clips, and texts that would all enrich his learning and enable him to guide the tour on his own.   This e-learning program will be available within the next few months.  Currently, there are many other options for preparing the tour.

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