The Western Wall Heritage Fund

With Deep Appreciation

We would not be who we are today without the love
and support of the following people,
all part of the Western Wall Heritage Family.
  Our family shares the belief that the Western Wall
embodies the expression of our national unity,
our national pride, and the restoration of Jewish
sovereignty in Jerusalem. 
We are forever indebted to the members
of our family of supporters for working with us
in strengthening the eternal Jewish chain of generations.
   With the help of our family, we continue to rediscover our
history and make it available for all to experience. 
With the support of our family, we can spread the message throughout
the world that we, as Jews,
are forever linked to each other,
to our heritage, and to our Jerusalem.

“The Lord bless thee out of Zion;
And see thou the good of Jerusalem all the days of thy life.” 
      (Psalms 128, 5)

We express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation:

The Western Wall Tunnels

Mr. S. Daniel Abraham
The Community Room

The Joseph Alexander Foundation
The Excavation of a Section of the Herodian Street

George Klein
The Council for a Beautiful Israel
Warren’s Gate

Harry and Matta Freund
Diane and Jay Goldsmith
Western Wall Quarry and Stone Moving Model

Mrs. Rosalind Jacobson
The Audio-Visual Room

Cherna and Dr. Irving Moskowitz
Passageway between the Two Sections of the Strouthian Pool

Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert and Family
The Hasmonean Chamber

Mr. Howard Ronson
Benefactor of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Jerome and Saul Schottenstein
Hasmonean Water Tunnel
Given by
Geraldine Schottenstein
Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein
Ann and Ari Deshe
Susan and Jon Diamond
Lori Schottenstein
Sonia Schottenstein

The Young Israel of Woodmere, New York
The Bar Mitzva Room

Hanna and David Zaidner
The Zaidner Pavilion and Second Temple Model
In Memory of
Aryeh Ben David and Tzipora Bas Chaim

Larry and Leonore Zusman
Wheelchair Accessibility of the Site
And the Adjacent Restrooms

The Western Wall Centers 

Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert
The Visitors Center

 Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein
The Information Center

Abigail Jane Zuckerman
The Education Center
Given in her honor by
Mortimer B. Zuckerman and Marla Prather

Annual Maintenance of The Kotel Website

Mr. Morris Shirazi

Educational Programs and Projects

Hilda and Yitz Applebaum
Video Conferencing Program

The Colburn Family Foundation
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

The Greater Washington Jewish Federation
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Matatia and Isaac Larian
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Jo Carole and Ronald Lauder
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Orly and Ron Lubash
The Bar/Bat Mitzva Program

Randi and Arthur Luxenberg
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Helen and Alfred z”l Mackler
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Helen z”l and Irving Schneider
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Judith and Dr. Edward Steinberg
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Larry and Leonore Zusman
Jerusalem Children’s Educational Program
The “My Jerusalem” Educational Programs

Leah and Ed Frankel
The "My Jerusalem" Educational Programs
Sponsors of Western Wall Tunnels album
"Touching the Stones of Our Heritage"

To join our family of benefactors of major archeological
and educational projects, please contact us.

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